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Here you will find our partners and brands.

Explore a range of leading machine vision brands curated for their innovation and quality. Dive into our extensive collection to discover the latest and most advanced technologies that will enhance your machine vision capabilities.


  TMS-Lite logo

TMS Lite

TMS LITE is a manufacturer of machine vision lighting from Malaysia, providing LED-lighting for machine vision.


Chenter® logo


Chenter is dedicated to providing high-quality optical components with applications across various industries, including vision technology, automation, and sensors.


Swivellink® logo


Swivellink is an American manufacturer of mounting solutions. The Swivellink® product was originally designed to provide an ergonomic and robust way to put operator start buttons onto custom built industrial machinery.


RICOH imaging logo

RICOH Imaging

RICOH is a manufacturer of industrial lenses and accessories with over 60 years of experience in the field of vision.


Coolens® logo


Coolens® is a brand dedicated to machine vision technology, specializing in various types of lenses, including telecentric lenses.


DCM Sistemes logo

DCM Sistemes

DCM Sistemes is a manufacturer of LED lighting systems for machine vision, set up in 1999 by a group of young engineers with an eager to help companies in their way towards the modernizing and technology developing.


FIFO Optics logo

FIFO Optics

FIFO is a manufacturer in precision optical components and optical assemblies.


Advantech logo


Advantech is an supplier of industrial computers, embedded systems, and IoT solutions. The company focuses on providing technological innovations for various business sectors.


IDS imaging logo

IDS Imaging

IDS Imaging is a German company specialized in the manufacturing of high-quality industrial cameras for applications in manufacturing, automation, and machine vision.


Datalogic logo


Datalogic is a supplier of various components for machine vision applications.


EVT logo

EVT Eye Vision Technology

EVT Eye Vision Technology is a German company specialized in machine vision software and solutions. EVT's EyeVision software is used for industrial image processing applications, including quality control, inspection, and robotics.


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