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Scailable AI solution
With the Scailable AI Platform you can effortlessly create and manage edge Artificial Intelligence applications yourself. You can see which AI-Models are available to you, which AI-edge devices are present (so if you purchase more than 1 device, you can see them here) and you can manage the version(s) of your generated models. 
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EVT EyeVision Software

The EVT EyeVision software offers unparalleled capabilities for image analysis and object recognition, and is designed to seamlessly integrate with existing production systems and software. This software is capable of improving the accuracy and reliability of inspections and quality control, and optimizing production processes.

​​DCM Sistemes iBlueDrive Technology
DCM Sistemes iBlueDrive Technology
Available on our webshop! DCM Sistemes iBlueDrive lights with internal iBlueDrive strobe-controller.


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