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Advantech Smart Camera & Scailable AI solution- Combined forces for a complete solution



After ordering your ICAM-500 of choice, we will ensure that it is delivered to you with the Scailable AI-Manager pre-installed on it. We will create a trial account for you on the Scailable AI-Platform and then you can preview the various AI Basic Models that we have already added to the platform for you (including barcode reading, license plate recognition and zone detection) for 3 months. Once you have found an AI Model that you want to work with, or you have added your own AI Model* you are able to optimize/train your AI Model entirely yourself (or with our help). After the trial period of 3 months, your free** access to the platform will expire and the trained AI Model will continue to run on the ICAM-500 through the Scailable AI-Manager. From now on, the monthly license fee** for the Scailable AI-Manager will be charged.


For a quick and robust mounting of the ICAM-500, we have put together Swivellink® mounting kits which you can use to easily mount the ICAM-500 on profiles such as Item, Bosch or simply on a desktop. The complete camera solution will be up and running in no time!





Scailable AI-Manager


The Scailable AI-Manager is the program that enables the reading and safe & efficient execution of AI models. In addition, it's the configuration tool that runs on your edge device (such as the ICAM-500) and allows easily-configurable, high-performance edge AI applications. Below we will explain the full setup and internal workings of the AI-Manager.


Scailable AI-Manager


The input consists of camera images by default. If you have any questions about different applicable cameras (other than the ICAM-500) and associated lighting, we are of course also happy to assist you. If your application requires a different input, such as the output of a vibration sensor, this is also possible to discuss.


The Scailable AI-Manager automatically goes through a number of steps (pre-processing). For example, it is possible to analyze a part of an image instead of the entire  image. These images are then loaded into the runtime, which is written in extremely compact software. It's a highly-efficient, fully-automated method of capturing the camera footage from the connected camera and feeding it into the AI model. In the Scailable AI-Manager you can make a number of standard configuration steps with regard to the speed of the model, but you can also optionally add an input trigger or generate a specific alarm based on the results of the model.


The runtime executes the AI Model entered on the device in Scailable Portable Model Format (SPMF) through the Scailable AI-Platform. Note that the processing of the raw input images coming out of the camera to the model input tensor is done automatically. So when you select a standard or when you create your own model, you don't have to worry about input camera resolutions at all.


The AI model produces textual or numerical output that is determined by the original model specifications: Scailable's standard Basic Models are well documented and available in the model library. In addition, it is possible to add and manage your own developed models* here. For example, ONNX models can be converted to the SPFM format, but models can also be imported from TensorFlow, PyTorch, or Edge Impulse. The chosen model is responsible for the specific output. Based on the textual output of the model, you can flexibly configure the post-processing, which determines how and when the output is sent to an application platform (for example, to the Scailable Cloud or your own internal ERP system).


After the desired output has been described, we can configure in the last step how this data is sent, how often this happens and whether we want to save any images to teach the model. With the Scailable AI-Manager, you don't need device-specific engineering to create and manage scailable edge AI solutions; the solution can simply be configured. Finally, it is possible to save this configuration as is. If later adjustments to the configuration are desirable, we can always help you with this. It's that easy to configure your AI solution on the ICAM-500 with Scailable AI-Manager.


Create and Manage Solutions Effortlessly: The Scailable AI-Platform.


With the Scailable AI Platform you can effortlessly create and manage edge Artificial Intelligence applications yourself. You can see which AI-Models are available to you, which AI-edge devices are present (so if you purchase more than 1 device, you can see them here) and you can manage the version(s) of your generated models. 


You are able to deploy AI/ML models on target edge devices without the need for any on-device engineering. You can "replace" models running on an edge device through the installed Scailable AI-Manager on these devices and change the device configuration remotely. You can even do the latter on a large scale: you can flexibly group devices and implement the desired AI model on such a group.


Finally, through an advanced platform API, you can integrate the Scailable AI platform directly into your CI/CD pipelines or create your own AI model management interface on top of the Scailable platform. The Scailable AI Platform saves valuable development time: it is no longer necessary to create the AI pipeline for each individual device. In addition, the Scailable AI platform makes your application future-proof: by being able to iterate quickly, the AI application can grow affordably with your needs.


If you want to continue to develop all configurations on your devices completely in-house after the 3 free months, we can also offer you a Scailable AI-Platform license***.



Complete Vision System & Scailable AI-Industrial solution


When choosing the right edge system for your application, it is important to consider all options. Of course the ICAM-500 is a great choice, but did you know that you can also opt for a system that is specifically composed to match your Machine Vision application? With us, you will not only find the best Advantech edge devices, but also a wide range of industrial Machine Vision lighting, lenses and cameras. With the right components you can put together your own system that exactly meets your requirements. Also, we have tested and applied all our products in the field, so that we can offer you the right support in finding the suitable combination for your specific application. We know better than anyone that the choice of AI model and software is of great importance, and that hardware is as crucial for a successful implementation.

Edge systeem met Scailable AI software.png


Why Scailable AI-Industrial****? Scailable AI-Industrial goes just one step further than the standard library models like barcode scanning, license plate recognition, head counting, for example product-specific inspection applications. The possibilities are enormous with Scailable AI-Industrial, however, the models are drawn up customer/product-specific. So there is always a bit of customization involved here. Models that need to be newly developed are done with the platform of our partner Edge Impulse: a model that has been trained by Edge Impulse can be moved to the edge device with the push of a button via the Scailable platform.

Would you like more information about what Scailable AI-Industrial can do for you or do you need help putting together the right package for your application? Feel free to contact us by e-mail via the contact form or directly at sales@vision-consultancy.nl, our vision experts will be happy to help you.


Details to note and license fee prices


* Own AI-Models are (unless you decide otherwise) never available to other users. In fact, it only runs in your own environment on the Scailable AI Platform. So you can rest assured, your AI Model remains your property. We are of course happy to answer any further questions about this.


** License fee AI Manager basic from €20 per month (can be bought off)

*** License fee AI Platform from 1500,- per month

**** AI Industrial license fee from € 75 per month (can be bought off)